how can i save 4OD to my pc

  loonogs 21:46 PM 16 Mar 12

Hi all, looking at a great documentary on China on Channel 4, on 4 OD does anyone know if there is any downloader or software available to save this stream to my Hard drive


  rdave13 23:34 PM 16 Mar 12

Not legal I'm afraid. As a by-the-by have you searched for a video capture software. Ideal for your web-cam conversations. Non free that I can find, sorry.

  Graham* 23:53 PM 16 Mar 12

You can watch it on Catchup

  lotvic 00:01 AM 17 Mar 12

That was Episode 1, Maybe you could stream it to your tv and record it through your TV?

Episode 2 is on tv Mon 19 March, 8PM so you should be able to record that ok and the 3rd following week. (I am assuming you have the equipment to record tv)

  Graham* 00:02 AM 17 Mar 12

Or this

  robin_x 00:02 AM 17 Mar 12

A lot of stuff ends up findable on YouTube.

It's bound to be repeated anyway. Set an email alert or look out for it and record it.

  lotvic 00:12 AM 17 Mar 12

I just noticed an old documentary about The Great Wall of China that looks fascinating. I'll put that on my 'one to watch' list.

  rdave13 01:10 AM 17 Mar 12

Read the replies to the problem and I'm flummoxed by the answers. No wonder this site is slowly dying.

  morddwyd 07:26 AM 17 Mar 12

Happens all the time.

People either don't read the question, or decide that's not what the questioner really wants to know.

  loonogs 09:05 AM 17 Mar 12

thanks all for your help,

will record through tv from now on

  Graham* 23:47 PM 17 Mar 12


Guilty as charged. I missed the OD clue. Note to myself "You can't save an OD program".


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