how can I put desktop icon onto bottom taskbar

  Stan 1 15:06 25 Jan 11

I would like to place certain desktop icons on to bottom taskbar
How can I achieve this please

  badhair1963 15:13 25 Jan 11

What operating system are you using? Assuming you're using Windows 7, you can just drag the ones you want on to the taskbar.

  GaT7 15:17 25 Jan 11

May depend on OS.

If XP, right-click the bottom taskbar > select Toolbars > Quick Launch. Now you would have enabled the Quick Launch toolbar (visible to the right of the Start button at extreme left). Now simply drag & drop the desktop icons you need into this area.

If it's Vista / Win7, follow this guide click here to achieve the same. G

  birdface 15:22 25 Jan 11

Try Right click Taskbar click on unlock Taskbar.
Drag Icon on to the Taskbar then lock Taskbar again.

  GaT7 15:55 25 Jan 11

I prefer the Quick Launch method as one doesn't lose too much space on the bottom taskbar - about an inch, then subsequent icons are 'hidden' but still very accessible without having to 'Show Desktop'. G

  Ex plorer 16:01 25 Jan 11

OS Vista drag icon and drop and it will copy the icon without removing the one on the desk top.

You can then delete the desktop icon if not required right click on it and choose delete from the drop down menue.

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