how can I open my old laptop xp hard drive on my windows 7 laptop?

  ozzymodo 12:31 PM 27 Oct 11

Hi all, I used to have a laptop that ran xp and it died a sudden death, I was able to remove the hard drive and inserted it into my wifes laptop (same make/model) and all is ok with the drive. I now have a new laptop running windows 7 and my hard drive is in a case with a usb cable (to run as an external drive) My new pc finds it but I am unable to access anything on it. I would appreciate any advise on how I can access the drive so that I can transfer some pics, sound files and other projects I was working on. Many thanks in advance Ian

  gengiscant 13:33 PM 27 Oct 11

Try this:

Plug your Old External Hard Drive into your new computer with a USB cord

Go to the Start Menu and Open 'Computer'

In the Explorer Window, right click on the drive in question and select Properties

On the Security tab click Advanced

Select the account you want to take over ownership if if it isn't already.

Click Advanced or Edit Tab

Check "Replace owner on sub-containers and objects"

Click OK twice (close all dialogs).

  ozzymodo 12:08 PM 01 Nov 11

thankyou for the info g, sorry for late reply and will try your suggestion. Ian


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