How can I make some money online?

  Internetwhizzkid 13:12 06 Dec 07

I am 16 at the moment and I am unable to get a job due to physical disability.
Anyway I was wondering does anyone know how I can make some money online.
Now I have used ebay for a while and yes I have made some money, but not enough.
does anyone know of a place where I can like make some money for answering surveys or something. I have had a look at some pay to click add things but they are american $ and they require you to have paypal. Well I do not have this so that is no good. If there was some place like that in the uk who will pay a cheque or something then that will be ok.

If someone can please give me some suggestions and links to known and non scam things then that will be fantastic


  wee eddie 13:28 06 Dec 07

but most of the "so called" Money making schemes are Scams.

I have heard that there is money to be made by earning upgrades in various games and then selling them. Wolfie felt that that was a bit underhand. I believe that Second Life is a fertile pasture for such enterprise.

This is hearsay and I have no knowledge of how it is really done.

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