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How can I make an icon into a character?

  bines 14:56 03 Apr 03

Using a program for amateur radio, some operators have taken the program's icon (and the Windows icon too) and somehow made them into characters so they can be used within lines of text. Can anyone explain how this is done please - it looks cool!


  Pesala 21:58 03 Apr 03

It is easy enough to add symbols, logos, etc., to existing fonts. Font Creator is fully-fledged Truetype font editor for $50. As it is Shareware you can download it and try it out. Be careful though, you might get hooked! click here

On another thread I read that Graham? used a character editor built into Word to add a tick to an existing font.

  Pesala 22:01 03 Apr 03

Wed, 02.04.03 | 21:29

Honest, it is a tick! Made it with Private Character Editor in XP. Can't anyone see it as a tick? :-(

  mark e 22:58 03 Apr 03

No I see a square

  DieSse 01:47 04 Apr 03

graham√ (I used the sq root sign) shows as a square not a tick, because he made the tick in the copy of the font on his system, but it's not in the copy of the font on everyone else's system.

  Pesala 09:36 04 Apr 03


I cannot find the Square Root sign in Times or Arial, only in the Symbol Font. How did you type that into the Forum? I remember it used to be ASCII 251 in DOS, but where it is not in the ANSI set.

  bines 15:12 04 Apr 03

Thanks for the advice, I will have a go.

I'll tick this thread as 'resolved' and let you guys continue your amusing saga of the tick (or is it a box - which is what I see!)


  DieSse 16:42 04 Apr 03

In the XP Character map, for Arial - 10 columns from the left and 42 rows down (approx).

  Pesala 16:58 04 Apr 03

? Alter 8730 ? in Windows ME. I wonder if it works on the forum. Here are a few more Unicode symbols one could use:

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

My goodness, what have I started now?

  Pesala 17:00 04 Apr 03


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