How can i get Windows Experience Num for W/7 64Bit on a Vista pc

  woody 02 Aug 11

I know how to get the num for my vista pc (5.9) What i would like to know is what would the num be if i loaded win 7 onto the vista pc? Is there any way to check? I know the pc is compatible - i ran the beta trial.

  northumbria61 02 Aug 11

Control Panel - Performance Information & Tools.

However the Windows Experience Index assesses "key system components" on a scale of 1.0 to 7.9 - I don't think changing the operating system would change the figures you already have.

  chub_tor 02 Aug 11

That's an interesting question and you might want to read this In practise of course it makes no difference what the WEI is, it's only a benchmark number decided by Microsoft. If you change from Vista to Win 7 you may find that some components will perform better and some worse depending on how the drivers perform. 5.9 was the max possible score from WEI in Vista, The Win7 max is 7.9

  Nontek 02 Aug 11
  woody 02 Aug 11

Northumbria - it does change the num which is why i want to compare a num of pc,s without actualy loading a lot of os/software.

Thanks for the other sites chaps the item with both OS,s on one pc showed what i was hoping for but without loading the 2nd OS.

  gengiscant 02 Aug 11

The number is absolute rubbish, use a proper benchmarking software if you really want to know how fast various components perform.

Take your pick: Benchmark.


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