how can i get my laptop to send wireless network

  lokoponty 25 Jan 11

i use an asus k50c and used to send wireless network connection from it until recently when i upgraded my OS to windows 7 and changed my antivirus to AVG internet security 2011. whenever i try to set up an ad-hoc network, it doesnt prompt me to turn on internet sharing which used to be there before and now no other computer can connect to my network, though it shows on the wireless network list.

  mgmcc 26 Jan 11

Setting up an Ad Hoc wireless network and enabling Internet Connection Sharing are separate procedures. It is quite possible to have an Ad Hoc network between two computers for transferring files without either being connected to the internet.

In the Asus PC, go into the Network Connections folder, right click the Local Area Connection which, presumably, is the PC's internet connection and select Properties. Click the 'Sharing' tab and tick the box "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection". This will give the Wireless Network Connection the IP address and Subnet Mask - the "client" computer gets its IP address automatically by DHCP from the Asus PC. Now set up your Ad Hoc wireless network.

  lokoponty 26 Jan 11

thanks,the prompting came up at first then went off again.though there was connection only the skype application and desktop gadgets were working...none of the browsers was working...unable to open page

  lokoponty 03 Feb 11

its still not working!

  mgmcc 03 Feb 11

How is the Laptop connecting to the internet that you need to use an Ad Hoc wireless network and Internet Connection Sharing?

If you're still using a USB ADSL Modem, have you considered upgrading to a wireless "Modem/Router", which would be a much more reliable solution than Internet Connection Sharing?

  lokoponty 03 Feb 11



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