How can I get internet on my lap top?

  geek84 16 Nov 11

Hi Folks

I can get internet on my mobile phone and was just wondering if I can get internet on my laptop by connecting my mobile phone to the lap top.

Is that possible?

Thanks in advance for your response.

  compumac 16 Nov 11

Yes you can, but I have to go out now, someone may respond to you before I get back.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16 Nov 11

see here

However be aware of how much it will cost to use you phone this way.

  geek84 16 Nov 11


Would I need to pay? I thought it would be free because I would be paying for the internet access on my mobile phone.

If I need to pay, how can I find out how much I will need to pay?

Thank You

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16 Nov 11

I thought it would be free because I would be paying for the internet access on my mobile phone.

you will be paying for the call to the isp

  compumac 16 Nov 11

I use PAYG on T-mobile on my phone and I pay £20 for six months access to the internet. It has been useful coupling my laptop to the phone to gain access to the Internet when, say on holiday. There is probably a limit to the amount that I can download but for occasional internet usage it is OK.

  mgmcc 17 Nov 11

What you can do will also depend on the type of phone and your provider. Many "smart phones" will connect with HSDPA or 3G and then act as a WiFi Hotspot for access by a Laptop, Netbook etc. The phone is effectively a wireless router.

The "O2" and "3" networks allow this without extra charge, Orange and T-Mobile charge extra, with Orange only allowing iPhone users to do it. Vodafone's stance is less clear. This is from a BBC Click article which, to be fair, is a couple of months old now.

  Woolwell 17 Nov 11

Not sure about Orange charging extra. I tether my android mobile to my laptop by usb and can use it to access the internet. I can also use my phone as a wifi hotspot (it uses up the battery a lot) and connect my ipad. I haven't been charged extra by Orange perhaps because I have an uncapped data allowance.


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