How can I get a better Wirless signal in another building

  Audio~~Chip 17 Feb 12

Hello We live in a Stone built house and some rooms are fairly poor on a netbook which is taken from room to room. We have a Stone building opposite the yard which we need to use the netbook in but the wireless connection is hit and miss.

Is there away some kind of extender device which can be put in the other out building built of stone to boost the connection so it improves. The Netbook is Windows 7 Starter, no infections, and BT Broadband.

All help and guidance appreciated as I do not know what can be done to improve this.

  difarn 17 Feb 12

These homeplugs are highly recommended - they allow you to network via the mains circuit of the house - which will be fine if your outbuilding is connected to the same circuit.

Another alternative is a wifi range extender - they vary in price - here are some examples.

It also; may be possible to replace the antenna on your router for a more powerful one.

  Audio~~Chip 17 Feb 12

Hello & Thanks difarn

When you say connected to the same circuit, do you mean the power plug sockets in the outside building is connected to the same House circuit ? Think you do but just to double check.

Thanks also for you expertise on the subject, really appreciated !

Cheers Steve.

  difarn 17 Feb 12

You're welcome.

Yes I do mean that the power plug sockets in the outside building are connected to the same House circuit. The beauty of these adaptors is that you will still have sockets available to use.


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