How can I get back default permissions in Vista

  grifval 00:09 23 Oct 08

I used a program called' Take ownership' to get into my Documents and Settings file in Vista, and it changed so many files, it went on for ages.
After it stopped, I found I could not retrieve my emails, could not update my AVG free virus program, in short, I have screwed up a few things.
How do I get these files back to default permissions, and everything as it was?

  mrwoowoo 01:46 23 Oct 08

Simple things first.
Have you tried a system restore back to before you installed the program?

  grifval 09:04 23 Oct 08

I don't have System Restore on, as I got a virus a few months ago and was advised to turn it off, so that it didn't re-infect my PC after I got it clean.

  rawprawn 09:20 23 Oct 08

Take ownership would not change your ability to retrieve emails or update AVG, there must be another problem.
If you ever turn System Restore off trying to get rid of nasties, you must always turn it back on when the job is complete.

  grifval 10:41 23 Oct 08

It was an oversight that I never switched it back on.I have a clean system according to Windows Defender, AVG, Ad-Aware & Spybot SD.

Only had problems with emails and AVG updates since taking ownership of Documents and Settings file & Local Settings file.

Email Error:
Message1 could not be retrieved. Server response- Err error. Can't create the file C:\programData\AVG8\emc\queue\TEMP\377c!K34A9.emc.
Error No:0x800420CD

AVG Update Manager Error:
general error. Not enough free memory - write error.

I have 2GB RAM
Vista Ultimate

  grifval 12:36 24 Oct 08

I am uninstalling AVG, and re-installing it to see if the error for Update Manager disappears.

I could still do with help with my email problem, with thanks.

  mrwoowoo 18:55 24 Oct 08

If that doesn't work try retrieving your e-mail after fully uninstalling AVG as it seems to be blocking it according to your error message.
It may be a simple compatability issue with AVG.

  grifval 20:21 24 Oct 08

mrwoowoo, thank you so much for the help.
The AVG re-installation was a success. I tried my emails again, on your suggestion, and I can now receive them. I am so pleased.

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