How can i find the CPU temperature

  Rasper 16:02 12 Dec 07

Hi - have just upgraded my PSU to A 600w OCZ PSU from a generic 350w and want to see what the core temo is - where do i find it. Running XP Duo Core E6300

  mrwoowoo 16:12 12 Dec 07

on boot up keep tapping f2 to go into the bios.
you will find it under one of the menu's.sorry can,t remember which offhand.

  C3 16:44 12 Dec 07

There are also programs such as Speedfan that allow you to monitor various temperatures from the desktop.

  beeuuem 17:09 12 Dec 07

Try click here look under Hardware > sensors

or click here under Computer > sensor

  Rasper 17:50 12 Dec 07

thanks all - helpful as always

  Totally-braindead 11:00 13 Dec 07

One thing worth mentioning, the BIOS temperature will definately be correct, the programs you can download like speedfan and the like might be accurate but might not. To be honest you would be best to compare them and see if the program gives the same readings, if not then the BIOS one is the correct one.
Also have a look at your motherboard driver disk, many motherboard manufacturers include software on it for just this purpose so if you have a look you might find you already have a program to do this. Same thing applies though, check that the temperature it tells you is correct with the BIOS temps.

  I am Spartacus 22:11 13 Dec 07

Core Temp is pretty good and has a small footprint click here

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