How can I close my Windows Live Mail account ?

  Antonio Machado 25 Jun 11

Hello experts !

I have been working with Hotmail Plus during many years, everything was smooth and perfect.

Then I decided to try Windows Live Mail and my life is a mess: I can't avoid that all my mail pops every five minutes, while working in any other program. Worst of all, from the three options in the small "Sign in" screen (sign in/cancel/close) it always go through directly to show all my mailbox. I have done all our friends in the forums have suggested me with no results.

So all I want now is just cancel (close forever) my Windows Live Mail Account, how could I do that ?

Thanks in advance for your help, all the best, Antonio.

  buteman 25 Jun 11

[Mail pops up every five minutes]

Just go to msconfig.and open start box and untick Windows Live mail.Apply or Ok.

That way you will only get mail when you open your e-mail account.

Thats the way I do it and just check for mail about 3 times a day.

Close the account Just sign out of Windows Live mail and remove any usernames or passwords.

That still leaves your account open for use anytime you want to sign in again.

Not sure if there is a way that you can actually delete your e-mail account but I am sure someone will be able to tell you how.

Do you use windows live messenger maybe stop that from starting when you start your computer.

Open messenger.Tools.Options.Sign in.Untick start messenger when I Log on to my computer.Apply Ok

  rdave13 25 Jun 11

To remove windows live mail go to control panel, programs and features (add/remove) and select Windows Live Essentials. Select uninstall and in the window that opens select remove one or more Windows Live programs. Follow the prompts after selecting Windows Live Mail. You then can log in to your web mail accounts either through the MSN page or through messenger.

  Antonio Machado 25 Jun 11

Thank you buteman and rdave13 !

My friends, thanks a lot for your suggestions. I just uninstalled Windows Live Mail and the problem is solved for good.

Now I have another question: are there other programs I might use to handle my Hotmail account ? I have been working during many years with Hotmail, I have even the "Hotmail Plus" level account, but I find some of the feautures very limited, for instance it doesn't offer the possibility of copying an e-mail in several different files.

So I was wondering if there are other ways to manage my Hotmail Plus account, other than the Windows Live Mail with which I just had a messy experience ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Buteman: this is not the first time I get help from you, I want to tell you how much I do apreciatte you make time to help others.

All the best, Antonio Machado.


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