how can I allow activeX on e-mails please

  rosie12 10:36 24 Mar 06

Hi, when I send an e-mail with certain messages that I keep in word to paste and copy into the e-mail, I keep getting a message that says "Your current security settings prohibit running activeX controls on this page, as a result the page may not display correctly" how can I remedy this, or allow activeX?...Thanks

  961 10:56 24 Mar 06

By reducing the security settings in settings

However, this may not be a good idea because, first, active x via e-mail is a simply terrific way to import trouble into your computer

Quite apart from that however you'll usually find that the computer that you are trying to send the e-mail to will most likely have active x blocked as well, so the e-mail will either be blocked at the other end or the active x message will not work

  rosie12 12:09 24 Mar 06

Oh!! OK I will not change anything then..Thanks

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