How can avoid automatic updates from Microsoft ?

  Antonio Machado 15:50 17 Mar 09

Hola experts !

I have my PC "on" at all times, 24/7.

I remember long time ago I programmed my PC so it receives updates from Microsoft automatically (which generally occurs at 1:00 a.m.), but from time to time I find my PC has been automatically shut down and I find the message "Sorry, we updated some areas of Microsoft and we needed to restart your PC".

I would like to avoid it, I would like to check those updates manually, myself, from time to time, so I want to un-authorize Microsoft to automatically update my PC.

How can I do it ?

Thanks in advance, best,

Antonio Machado.

  herbie53 15:59 17 Mar 09

If you are on XP, go to Start>Control Panel>Automatic Updates and configure from there. Make sure control panel is switched to classic view on the left

  oldbeefer2 15:59 17 Mar 09

On XP, Control Pnel, Security centre, Automatic Updates. There you can select which mode you want.

  oldbeefer2 15:59 17 Mar 09

Must type faster

  herbie53 16:04 17 Mar 09


  Graphicool1 16:06 17 Mar 09

In WinXP it's 'Control Panel' 'Automatic Updates' You have the choice to turn it off altogether or have it tell you when there are new downloads, but not download till you say. Then you have to choose one of two selections 'Express' which will do the downloads without you knowing what they are. Or select the other one 'Custom' which lets you decide what you want or don't.

  Stuartli 16:07 17 Mar 09

In the Security Center (Automatic Updates) configure Windows UpDates to Notify You of Any Updates but Not to Download or Install Them.

Then, when the yellow icon appears, click on it to bring up a panel.

Select Custom. You can now view a list of all the available updates and, by highlighting each one, see details of its purpose.

Any that you require, just tick the box(es) and OK. A message panel will then appear, asking if you wish to be renotified of any unselected updates. Tick No.

You can then download and install the selected updates.

  Graphicool1 16:08 17 Mar 09


You were faster than me.

  Antonio Machado 17:14 17 Mar 09

Amigos: no doubt guys are the best, I apreciatte the help of each one of you guys. I followed those indications and now I can sleep assured that my PC will continue running without anoying shutdowns. Best, Antonio Machado.

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