how can 2 users 1 PC not share favourites

  ginger 17:37 05 Dec 04

I have set up my pc for 2 users each with their own log on password. I deleted favourites which the other didn't need but when I logged back on they had also disappeared from the other persons favourites list. I re-entered them, logged off and on again as the other user only to find they had reappeared in this users favourites as well. I've searched help but it doesn't tell you how to do this. Can anybody help me please? running windows 98SE and IE6

  mattyc_92 18:32 05 Dec 04

This is mainly because Win98 isn't desgined for multi-users... The operating system hasn't got the best security system... I would consider upgrading to win2k for multi-user interface. If you want to keep Win98 SE, then you will probably have to either edit the registry or buy some third party software....

Sorry I can't be much help!!!!

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