How best with two PC's

  Derek 05:16 31 Oct 04

I'm heavily into photography and publishing with two PC's.
Both XP Pro with high-end Asus MB's, large HD's, lots of memory, good graphic cards and both working well.
I'm on Broadband with NTL and no problems.
The publishing PC has an HP 1220C printer and suits me fine.
For the photo machine I've just ordered a Canon Pixma IP4000 to make the setup dedicated.
For quite a long time I've had a new SMC 8-port 10/100Mbps Duel Speed Switch and cables in stock. The serial number is EZ6508TX UK.

I would like to link the two PC's so that I could transfer files and use both on Broadband.
I also have just one scanner , a Canon 8000F which I would like to use on both PC's.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and many thanks in advance. My regards Derek Miles.

  mouse 06:59 31 Oct 04

Get a router.

Your modem plugs into the router then you can link your pc's from it either with or without wires.

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