how to avoid remote control of my laptop

  bouba_fab 22:26 16 Feb 09

Please help.
I suspect somebody to have access to my files through wireless connection.
How can I check beyond any doubt that my laptop is or is not remotely controlled?
How can I effectively protect my data from such invasions?

  Graham. 22:55 16 Feb 09

Does your wireless connection have a security key? This may be provided by your ISP.

Other people may see your wireless connection, but they can't connect to it if they don't know the security key.

  Graham. 23:02 16 Feb 09

Are we talking about Remote Assistance, which someone may have set up on your laptop (young humans?)?

  kjrider 23:55 16 Feb 09

Unless you are 'sharing' your flies and Docs, its not easy to access them.

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