how to attach heatsink/ fan to motherboard

  1smurff 17:19 13 Feb 13

hi, I need to change fan/heatsink in computer, I believe I have found a compatible part, however it is attached by push pins. The original fan/heatsink is attatched to motherboard by spring loaded screws. Will the new fan/heatsink be a straight foreward swap or will I have to find another component with screw fixings

  Chronos the 2nd 17:39 13 Feb 13

More info needed.

Do you have an AMD or Intel processor? Or what is your motherboard make/model?

Did you remember to get thermal paste as that will need renewing also?

  woodchip 18:39 13 Feb 13

amd have a clip through heat sink, intel use a plastic frame round the cpu

  woodchip 18:39 13 Feb 13

amd have a clip through heat sink, intel use a plastic frame round the cpu

  1smurff 19:31 13 Feb 13

hi,guys, thanks for the interest, it's an intel core 2quad cpu q833@2.50ghz 2499mhz 4 cores, 4 logical processors. I'm just copying this info . from system info.The fan , an acer hi, or h1.10800.046 rev.A is flanged and fits over the heatsink, theres two screws through the fan and into the flanges of the heat sink. A guy down at my local maplins had a look into my computer, he told me I needed a low profile 4pin power and socket 775. I think theres one in, including heatsink, however being it's described as pushpin attatchment and mine is screwed in to ' places ' on the motherboard , will it be a straightforeward change

  1smurff 19:53 13 Feb 13

hi, again, just been into another forum, apparently it, won.t be a straight swap, my heatsink is screwed and therefore I have to buy one the same, pushpins won't work on my motherboard. thanks anyway

  retep888™ 02:40 14 Feb 13

What you got is a dedicated socket 775 heatsink/fan, there is a backplate at the back of your motherboard which you'll have to remove after undoing those 4 screws.

How easy that is will depend on your hardware skills because you'll have to remove the motherboard in order to get to the backplate.

Afterwards then you can fit any push pin socket 775 heatsink/fan cooler, hope this helps.

  1smurff 20:05 14 Feb 13

thanks for the info regarding removal of backplate,why can't they make things simple. Have just had a look on u tube regarding motherboard,I do'nt think I'll be able to hold my breath for that long and am bound to put the right bit in the wrong place. but thanks very much again for the info.

  retep888™ 00:11 15 Feb 13

If you want to keep the work to minimum then do a straight swap with this screw type socket 775 heatsink/fan

click here & it comes with thermal paste already.

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