How to attach a hard drive to Mesh Matrix PCs

  fredzepp 17:01 31 Jan 05

I am trying to fit a second hard drive to my Mesh Matrix A64 PC. On looking at the bay I see the hard drive cant simply be attached using screws as there are just two rows of square holes on either side of the bay. The existing drive is attached to the bay cage with two outer brackets which protrude from the front of the bay and two inner brackets on either side of the hard drive. This seems a bit of a fussy arrangement to me but does anyone know the name/part no. of these things & where I can buy them from?
Thanks in advance

  Sans le Sou 17:12 31 Jan 05

Try Mesh, I think this is all part of their "toolless assembly", they ought to know what they are but whether you can get in touch with them is another matter, anyway Good Luck

  LeadingMNMs 17:13 31 Jan 05

I don't have the same model, and am not sure if its the same design, but the brackets for the hard drives on my system are screwed to the inside of the case.

  Rigga 17:14 31 Jan 05
  fredzepp 17:23 31 Jan 05

Thanks for the advice. LeadingMNMs - actually, it may be the same system as yours. When I say the "outer brackets", both sets are positioned on the inside of the drive bay, the outer ones look like a kind of sled arrangement that the inner brackets attach on to.

  MESH Support 13:28 01 Feb 05
  fredzepp 23:26 01 Feb 05

Mesh support: sorry, I cant see any spare rails.

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