how are vista users doing

  malgall 16:44 04 Mar 07

i am looking at buying a new computer
a dell with of course vista
just trying to find out what problems vista users are having like old games or other programs

what i am thinking is i should wait 6 months then
buy my new computer but is vista worth the risk now

  pac73 16:52 04 Mar 07

Im waiting a couple of months,just to see what glitches come out.Ive read theres already a few.So its better waiting till they,ve been fixed.

  Fingees 17:02 04 Mar 07

Had Vista when first released.

Very happy with it, Was worth getting.

  Jimmy14 17:04 04 Mar 07

Vista is going very well. Just noticed that since the clean install a few days ago, my power plan on the taskbar was set at Balanced because its a laptop. Its plugged in so changed it to High Performance and goes like wild fire again. Always forget to change then when I install Vista.

  skidzy 17:19 04 Mar 07

i hope this thread gains you plenty of response from the Vista users.Im now at the latter stages of selecting a new system (pretty much made my mind up) but am very wary of getting Vista due to the incompatibility of software.

And from what ive seen,make sure you get Vista Premium and not Home Basic.

But on the other hand,im looking for something ready for whatever the future may hold.

Is it worth getting Vista at this time, im not so sure.I really think it needs time to iron out the bugs.
A simple Google will imply many issues at the moment and i believe will carry on for some time.

But i will watch this thread with interest.

Best of luck with Vista if you go ahead with your purchase.

  anskyber 17:32 04 Mar 07

It's excellent, slick and with getting to know, very user friendly.

The obvious issues, if you want to run very old programs you may not be able to do so. Given you are getting a new machine you will at least be able to test them one by one. If you have them on your current PC give the upgrade advisor a go, it picks up some of the non compliant programs.

Also look here, it gives a start to info on programs. click here

In addition have a look here click here there is some useful information on hardware.

  skidzy 17:50 04 Mar 07

Could you post any pro's and con's with your experience please.
I dont want to hijack this thread with my questions,but im sure malgall would be interested also.

  Kate B 18:04 04 Mar 07

I haven't got any cons to report. I think people like to fold their arms and huff sagely about waiting until all the bugs are ironed out, but actually it's a very smooth experience bar the odd driver issue or not being able to use an old program. Anyway, with a squillion lines of code you're never going to iron out all the bugs.

  skidzy 18:14 04 Mar 07

I respect your input Kate,and of course we all know about the bugs...crikey even xp still has them and will carry on to do so.

My question is really to reassure the likes of myself and malgall if it really does runs smoothly.I would expect a few issues and would deal with them accordingly,but some users will not have the knowledge and spending a lot of money may cause them more headaches than a belly full of Beer.While xp may appear a more stable solution to them as opposed to Vista.

  Tim1964 18:21 04 Mar 07

Had Vista for 2 days now and the only prob (so far) is that it doesn't recognise my (old) Creative Jukebox mp3 player. I managed to force it to install the software/driver but still no joy.

Oh, and I've managed to lockup the PC at least 5 times while installing progs on a completely empty machine.

So much for stable????

The pop ups when trying to install stuff are a bit of a pain but that's the price for "a more secure system" I suppose.

  rawprawn 18:46 04 Mar 07

Like skidzy, I shall watch this thread with interest as I will be buying a new computer this year. Does anyone know if the new Mac which will also run XP will run Vista?

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