How to align printing on 21 per page label A4 paper.

  alibob1526 05 May 13

I have some Tesco sticky label A4 size sheets. I am trying to print labels for a clubs lockers. Each time I try to print labels, the actual type does not align up on the label correctly, either to one side or below the actual label. This is costing wasted label sheets. Are there any templates available? I have tried using Avery templates with the same results. I am not PC or printer savvy so any details would help. Thank You.

  Terry Brown 05 May 13

When I print labels I use AVERY software (label printers).I have attached a link for Microsoft Office, however I have not tried it, (mine is an old win 98 version, but still works fine.)

Otherwise search for Avery label software to see what you can find.


Avery label software

  Chronos the 2nd 05 May 13

This any use? Avery. Loads more to choose from here. Avery 2.

  Terry Brown 05 May 13

Another thought :

You could try creating the labels in EXCEL or on WORD go to NEW and download a label template from Microsoft.


  BT 05 May 13

Avery label templates L7160 or J7160 work on the 21 per page labels that I use.

  alanrwood 05 May 13

As BT says above, these are the templates to use. You may however have the offsets incorrect so try changing them in the template and use scrap A4 paper until you get it right.


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