how to add removable storage drive to My Computer

  javaBalls 10:52 01 Feb 06


I've got a USB flash memory stick.

The problem is that all my drives/letters are used up. So when I plug it in I can see it on 'My Computer'.

How do I add the USB stick to My Computer? Do I need to remove one of my CD ROM drives first?

  johnnyrocker 10:56 01 Feb 06

what os and how many usb ports?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:58 01 Feb 06

You should have over 20 drives that can be allocated. Just plug the stick in and see if a drive letter is assigned.


  javaBalls 11:04 01 Feb 06

it's WIN XP Pro.

I've got 3 HD drives, a floppy, CD ROM, and CD RW Drive.

It does not appear in My Computer. It is regonised in so far that I can 'safely remove' using the green arrow but I can't view or send any files to it.

  driving man 12:00 01 Feb 06

has the memory stick got a Read/Write protection switch---- if so disable it

  javaBalls 12:03 01 Feb 06

the memory stick works fine on any PC.

The USB points on this PC work fine also.

It's got something to do with the fact that there are too many devices.

Thanks for suggestion

  ventanas 12:08 01 Feb 06

Some of these insist on having a certain drive letter being available. The flash drive I have won't be recognised unless F is free. It doesn't want to be F, It can happily be any drive letter. But F must be free. I don't know why, but it solved my problem by switching drive letters about.
Have a look on the manufacturers web site, there may be a known issue about this. Also as driving man says, look for a little switch with a lock sign.

  Diemmess 12:09 01 Feb 06

The write protect switch on mine makes no difference to being 'seen'

The drive letter is allocated at random and is usually last in the series, and after the CD devices.

Are you sure you haven't been looking in the wrong place for the stick?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:25 01 Feb 06

You ahve not got too many devices on your computer. In theory you could have 26+ devices. I have 12 devices on my computer with no problems....apart from extra heat ;-))


  javaBalls 22:48 05 Feb 06

I'll update this post if I resolve this problem.

But I haven't managed to yet.

  woodchip 22:53 05 Feb 06

Open Windows Explorer with the Drive in the slot and look down at the bottom for the Drive

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