Housekeeping for backup drive

  Munchkin 18 Jul 11

I have my PC set for scheduled backups to a separate internal drive. I do regular housekeeping on the main drive to clear out unnecessary files and defrag etc. As my backup is a copy of the entire drive should I also be doing this with the backup copy?

  Nontek 18 Jul 11

IMHO it is best to do your clean-up on main drive first, then make the backup!

  northumbria61 19 Jul 11

Munchkin - I have the same setup as you ie: 2 x Internal Drives. As per Nontek I clean out all the "crap" on the main drive before I clone it - in my case approx. every 2 days.

  wee eddie 19 Jul 11

My understanding is that you don't Defrag a backup drive, unless you are regularly deleting items from it and then adding others.

I don't think that you view it as a potential hiding place for Viruses either, unless you have one on the main Drive that has been copied there by the back-up Program.

  Munchkin 19 Jul 11

When my PC carries out its scheduled back up, which in my case is once a week, is it making a complete clone from scratch each and every time, or is it updating the back up copy with items that have changed since the last scheduled back up? Is this where the subject of full back ups and incremental back ups comes into the equation? The subject of making back ups in general gets me a little confused as I'm never quite sure what I should be doing for the best outcome!

  Nontek 19 Jul 11

Depends how you have set it to do the backups - what backup program are you using?

I use Acronis 2011, and always make Full Backups, usually fortnightly (unless I have been installing/uninstalling programs etc meanwhile).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19 Jul 11

I do back ups before cleaning up that way if I inadvertently clean away something I needed I still have it backed up.

I use Acronis weekly to do a full backup but under two different titles so I have two backups one from a week ago and one from the Friday before If I'm working on something important then that is backed up every hour or so to external media, I hate working for nothing :0)

  Munchkin 19 Jul 11

I have a clearer picture of things now. I use Dell backup software that came pre-installed on my PC. I paid a bit more attention to the default settings it was running and learnt that not only does it do a full system back up, but it keeps a version history of each file every time it runs a scheduled back up, so through time the back up file takes up more disk space each time but it gives you the option of consolidating all the back ups into one and keeping only the last backed up version of each file!


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