problems signing in

  wildrover 20:16 07 Feb 08

Hi. Hotmail has been sluggish all day but now I can't sign into my account. Anyone else having problems?

  iscanut 20:18 07 Feb 08

Had problems in the last hour, but seems OK now

  snoopygirl 20:23 07 Feb 08

hi i am having problems as well

  iscanut 20:25 07 Feb 08

Too many of us trying to use it at once ?

  wildrover 20:34 07 Feb 08

Thanks for your replies. I can't even get the 'login' page up now. Think I will give it up till morning. It's good to know that others are having trouble too ;-)

  iscanut 20:36 07 Feb 08

Have just received and sent with no problems. May be geographic ?

  wildrover 20:37 07 Feb 08

Possibly? I'm East Midlands

  iscanut 20:38 07 Feb 08


  wildrover 20:40 07 Feb 08

Ha. Just got signed in! Seems to be OK now??

  dobber 1 11:42 08 Feb 08

Hi I had the same problem in early Jan, so I started to uninstall all related antispyware etc. Windows defender, Firewalls. This did not work and when I tried to re-install everything I couldn't. So currently I can access MSN but not sign in to Hotmail. I can,t sign in to BT Broadband either. I can however access most web sites. I am using Windows XP with IE6.
Any idea's?

  birdface 12:38 08 Feb 08

Hi .I don't know if MSN Is the same as Windows messenger.With W/Messenger you can go into Add Remove,Highlight W/Messenger.Press change, and then repair.That might work.

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