Hotmail showing me online to messenger contacts

  LABMAN 18:15 20 Sep 10

Hi Folks,

I've found a small problem with my Hotmail account recently in that when I log into it directly and not through Windows Live Messenger my contacts on messenger can see I'm online and all these conversation windows open up.

I've done my best to see if I can find a way to turn this off but can't find anything can anyone offer some asssitance as this is bugging me no end, if I want to chat to anyone I'll log onto messenger.



  Nontek 19:14 20 Sep 10

Try closing Messenger itself.

  Nontek 19:14 20 Sep 10

Try closing Messenger itself.

  Nontek 19:17 20 Sep 10

Sorry about double post!

I use Skype, but the principal is the same as Messenger - if I have my Skype open, my contacts can see I am on-line, but if I leave Skype shut, then they do not know whether I am on-line or not.

  LABMAN 19:22 20 Sep 10

Hi Nontek,

The point is that messenger isn't open... I'm logging into hotmail directly not through a link from messnger but somehow my messnger contacts know that I'm online.

The idea of logging on directly being so I can deal with my emails in peace and quiet, even when logging into messnger as appear offline contacts see a small box in the bottom corner saying you have logged on.



  Nontek 19:45 20 Sep 10

OK, sorry I can't offer any better help then - I have never used Messenger, so you need someone who does use it.

Good luck.

  LABMAN 22:38 20 Sep 10

Thanks Nontek for at least offering some advice it's appreciated.

Does anyone have other ideas on how to turn this off or is it possible.....


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