Hotmail over PlusNet

  Graham ® 13:39 19 Aug 05

I have no experience with Hotmail, I'm trying to help a friend who has joined PlusNet broadband. He has an existing Hotmail address which he is trying to access over PlusNet.

I've signed up for a Hotmail address myself, but I can't get it 'going' using Thunderbird. If I send from Outlook Express to my Hotmail address it doesn't return, but it is not received, either. 'No new messages on server' if I press 'Get mail'.

Don't need to send mail from Hotmail, but if I try I get 'PlusNet refusing SMTP connections'.

Any experienced Hotmail users to assist, please?

  johnnyrocker 13:43 19 Aug 05

hotmail is just another website as far as pc and settings go can you surf ordinarily? it is a long time since i set mine up but if it is refusing smtp details then they must be wrong check them with your oe server settings.


  Graham ® 14:38 19 Aug 05

Mmm... I've reinstalled Thunderbird, now the message is 'Password refused by Plusnet'!

  palinka 16:08 19 Aug 05

To begin with the most basic solution - I suppose he is remembering to access via IE not OE? I don't use either PlusNet ot Hotmail but to get to your account in most ISPs you open Internet Explorer, go to the website of the ISP and find the "check my email" (or a similar title) page. Then he needs to enter his email address and password correctly.

  Graham ® 16:25 19 Aug 05

Thanks, yes I know IE is no good for Hotmail. I will try with IE.

  Graham ® 18:14 19 Aug 05

OK, I can now send mail from Hotmail on Thunderbird and receive it on OE.

But how can I pick up mail sent to my Hotmail address?

  johnnyrocker 18:43 19 Aug 05

in box? or am i being silly?


  Graham ® 19:33 19 Aug 05

I wish the inbox was the answer. Let me into the secret - how do YOU pick up hotmail?

  octal 20:02 19 Aug 05

If you want to pick up your Hotmail emails you have to go to the web site to collect them, especially if you've just set up a new account.

You can't normally use clients like Thunderbird to collect Hotmail emails, having said that there is a little programme you can use its called FreeePops click here which will let you collect Hotmail emails and just about any other web based email.

  johnnyrocker 20:34 19 Aug 05

having tried to post reply 5 times now and after many back/refresh i might get in this time. all i do is auto log in to hotmail which happens to be my homepage and auto remember my details i just go to my messages.


  Graham ® 20:53 19 Aug 05

The short answer I was looking for!

One complication was I had signed up on the US site, and had a .com address. Now I have a address, and know to go to the Hotmail site, all is working, thanks all.

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