Hotmail not remembering me !

  gazmix 15:36 20 Dec 08

I am using a Firefox browser which has just been updated to

When i login to hotmail & check the 'remember me on this computer' tab, it does remember me after i sign out until i close the browser.
When i re-open the browser, i have to type all in again!

Ok, i think in IE, it remembers me all the time!

Could it be the update?

When i was about to contact hotmail technical help, it said to include any software just installed!
As i say, recent update & also i installed SuperAntispyware & System info for Windows info, thats all.

Help appreciated.


  tullie 15:53 20 Dec 08

Latest firefox is 3.05,do you log into hotmail by way off your Windows Live folder?

  gazmix 15:56 20 Dec 08

Yeh i know latest is 3.05 but i hate version 3!

No, i just go to via the my drop down address bar & login there!
My address is normally there & i just have to add my password!

  gazmix 17:54 20 Dec 08

Could it be the update to

its only the last fiew days it's been doing it!


  gazmix 16:08 22 Dec 08

any ideas??

  gazmix 02:32 24 Dec 08

merry xmas anyhow!!

  tullie 04:40 24 Dec 08

Sorry cant help,looks like you will have to type it in everytime!

  VOT Productions 19:27 24 Dec 08

Use "IE Tab" Add-on for Hotmall and
Firefox 3.0.5

  gazmix 14:10 19 Jan 09

Also it seems now that many sites i use where i have to login using a username & password, i used to just start to type the 1st 1 or 2 letters & it would remember me, now they don't!!

Hotmail doesn't remember me in IE or FF browsers after i have closed the browser, even though the 'remember me' box is clicked!

Am wondering if anything in tools/options/privacy/private data should be checked??.
Accept cookies is checked!


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