Hotmail & MSN take longer to deliver than the GPO

  wee eddie 01:10 13 May 04

and are loosing more messages than them.

The internet machines have finally reached the same state as the human part of the nation.

For the last month. Hotmail, MSN and Yahoo, have been Loosing and or Bouncing Mail in a manner that the GPO would be proud of.

Does anyone know why.

  mikeyb59 14:10 13 May 04

Hi. Can't help with a reason but have the same problem.

Just now received an e-mail sent 48 hours ago!

  wee eddie 15:44 13 May 04

Maybe they should be renamed Consignia!

  mikeyb59 16:55 13 May 04

Consignia no longer exists - its Royal Mail Group plc.

Also, as a postman, I think I should be offended!

  wee eddie 18:43 13 May 04

They mailed me to say that they had too much mail and were sorry.

  anchor 19:45 13 May 04

I sent one to myself at 9am today, just to check. Still not arrived.

  Audeal 20:08 13 May 04

anchor: Try Spaming yourself, your bound to get it quicker that way.

  wee eddie 22:06 13 May 04

Spam is the only thing getting through at the present!

  mammak 22:26 13 May 04

Yahoo no problem' msn a bit sluggish
have you gave netscape a try what a joke emailed myself from anthor addy a week ago stil waiting.

  mammak 22:27 13 May 04

sorry that should read emailed from netscape to anthor addy.

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