Hotmail - Is it me?

Having extreme issues with Hotmail today. Whilst I can read mail, if I try to write a mail or better stil try to attach any files, the mail screen disappears and I go back to the in box. Although I'm in Spain using a wireless internet conection, this is a first! Is any one else out there having problems? If not any ideas on a cure - until this morning, whilst sometimes factious Hotami would allow mail to be written and files added.

It amuses me no end when Uncle Bill flags Hotmail and Live as best thing since sliced bread and yet they always seem to have issues.

  recap 14:13 25 Feb 09

I used to get this happen when I was using Goolge Chrome, unfottunatley I couldn't find a fix so have reverted back to IE.

  tullie 14:16 25 Feb 09

Sorry i cant help as ive no problems with Windows Live,im sure someone will help.

  Ventad 14:23 25 Feb 09

I have found today that when sending mail on hotmail the window changes but does not go to new message but it does the second time you click NEW

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