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  pj123 12:54 07 Aug 04

I don't seem to be getting any emails in my Hotmail inbox anymore. They all seem to arrive in a folder called Bulk Mail. When I check this folder the emails are not bulk mail but the normal emails I get from people who know my hotmail address. Is this a new thing?

  bremner 13:06 07 Aug 04

Just checked mine and I have just the normal inbox - No bulk mail

  VoG II 13:11 07 Aug 04

Just checked mine - 26 Bulk Mails, 25 spam and one from a friend. Worrying.

  ensonricky 13:32 07 Aug 04

Could it be connected to the ongoing upgrading of the accounts?

  Chegs ® 13:37 07 Aug 04

I have no "Bulk" listed,but I do have "Junk mail" I have hotmail setup to dump anything not in my address book to junk folder,and think that MSN shouldn't include its contents as a percentage of my 2Mb limit.I have been receiving several MSN cars type spam lately,and hotmail refuses to allow me to block sender for these and "Hotmail Members/Staff" junk.

  wee eddie 13:39 07 Aug 04

It should be possible to tell Hotmail that certain items it defines as Spam are in fact Bona Fide Buddies.

I think that you tick the mail item and then click the Not Spam button

  pj123 14:51 07 Aug 04

Thanks Guys. I don't normally log on to my Hotmail account direct. It is setup as an email account in OE along with my normal BB account. But suddenly this new Folder "Bulk Mail" has appeared and everything seems to go in to that folder. Maybe I should log on to directly and see.

  pj123 15:02 07 Aug 04

Getting worse I think. I have just logged in direct to my Hotmail account and there is no folder called "Bulk Mail" but in the "Junk email" folder there are 6 messages, 5 of them are your responses to my thread and the other is an email I sent to myself. I think it's time to forget hotmail???

  Chegs ® 17:55 07 Aug 04

I think its time you sorted the filtering,not neccessarily dispose of hotmail. :-)

  wee eddie 18:03 07 Aug 04

Chegs ® is right.

  Irishman 18:28 07 Aug 04

Log onto Hotmail, on the right in very small writing you will see "Options". Click on this and select "Junk E-Mail Protection". You can then set the "Junk E-Mail Filter". I have mine set to "low". This seems to let all mail through and I then filter it manually using e-prompter before opening OE. There was a time you could turn off the filter completely in options but Hotmail seem determined to have some sort of control over what e-mail gets through and what doesn't. Personally I prefer to do any filtering myself.

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