Hotmail email Recovery

  CodheadZogman 14:59 22 Nov 08

Hope someone can help. I deleted an important email from my hotmail account. Is there any way of recovering it?

Thank you

  tullie 15:03 22 Nov 08

Not in your deleted files folder?

  lotvic 15:03 22 Nov 08

Look in your 'Deleted Items' folder with a bit of luck it hasn't yet been emptied. (applies to both webmail and Outlook)

Is that Hotmail Webmail or collected on your pc in Outlook?

  CodheadZogman 15:05 22 Nov 08

The email was deleted FROM the deleted emails folder. Has it 'gone' or is it lurking somewhere in the system?

  Sea Urchin 15:19 22 Nov 08

As lotvic says is that the Deleted folder on the Hotmail website or an email client on your PC?

  CodheadZogman 16:05 22 Nov 08

It's the Deleted Folder on the Hotmail website.

  Sea Urchin 17:16 22 Nov 08

Then sadly I think it's unlikely that you'll be able to retrieve it - but I'd be glad if somebody knew otherwise

  DieSse 17:54 22 Nov 08

If it's deleted from the deleted folder in webmail, it's gone for good.

Even if it were still lurking somewhere on the email server, there's no way you can dig around in their server.

  CodheadZogman 17:56 22 Nov 08

Sh*t! OK, thanks for the feedback.

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