Hotmail - delete saved userid

  johnincrete 16:47 19 Sep 11

I typed in my username and password, not noticing that the password was being typed at the end of the username. Now Hotmail has remembered the username+password & anyone can see what the password is. How do I delete the saved username?

  rdave13 17:27 19 Sep 11

Try this. Log on to your Hotmail account via MSN page. On the right under your name select profile. On the new page select 'add info' under 'your contact info' on the left side. In the list select the dropdown menu under the 'Personal Email' box and your original should be there to select.

  johnincrete 15:50 22 Sep 11

Thanks rdave13 but I don't see how this helps to delete the wrong one

  rdave13 16:02 22 Sep 11

I don't think it's possible to delete your account name without deleting the account. I was thinking that if you made your original account name the default one then the other might be hidden, if you have two accounts that is.

  lotvic 10:28 23 Sep 11

I think you have to clear the hotmail cookies and the 'remember form history' in your browser


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