Hotmail contained URLs will not open

  Dae 20:33 12 Nov 04

My Hotmail account worked all right until a few days ago.

Now, the email messages continue to download and open up all right.

But, some email messages contain links to other web pages, such as www(dot)woodyswatch(dot)com.

When I click on these URLs, nothing at all visible happens, though the connections worked all right until a few days ago. This seems to apply to all URLs in all Hotmail email messages.

Some of these Hotmail email messages also contain links to other email addresses, such as

Ads @ woodyswatch (dot) com.

When I click on these email addresses, the link works all right.

I am not aware of causing any changes in the past few days to the way the computer is configured, other than downloading some Microsoft WinXP updates, and accepting any Norton antivirus/firewall updates.

Can anyone please suggest what I could do to try to get the URL links to open up as they should?

I am using WinXP Pro with Internet Explorer 6, sp2.


  VoG II 21:37 12 Nov 04

I think these are adware sites. Best not to visit them.

  Dae 11:43 13 Nov 04

Thank you for the comment VoG. The instance I gave was just an example.

All URL links open all right on my computer, except those in a Hotmail email message, where none open.

I want to know what can be done to get the links received via Hotmail to open.


  Tenacious Green 12:28 13 Nov 04

I think you probably run Norton Internet security and that a recent live update to that program caused the problem. Here's the fix :

When in Hotmail next time, click on web assistant (top right of Internet Explorer) and untick Block adds and Block pop ups on this site.

It will only allow those on the hotmail site and from my experience you will not suffer any pop-ups or any more ads than normal with MSN.

Then try a link within an E-mail and it should work

Good luck.

Norton is the issue, not SP2 or MSN.

P.S If your not running Norton then I am well and truly stumped.

  Dae 13:33 13 Nov 04

To Tenacious Green.

Your analysis of my problem was correct. Your suggested solution removes the problem.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to help, I am most grateful to you. I was nowhere near the correct solution, I was still trying to find an answer within Hotmail itself.

Best wishes,


  Tenacious Green 13:45 13 Nov 04

Your most welcome

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