hotmail can't log on

  fermerboy 22:51 28 Mar 05

hi all
have a laptop running win 98, IE 6, and it won't log on to hotmail, otherwise its perfect. Can log on from any other pc no probs. Tried clearing all cookies, clearing temp files and adjusting privacy security settings, all to no avail.
Any ideas?

  Wuggy 00:23 29 Mar 05

Several recent threads on this subject
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May be of assistance.

  fermerboy 01:02 29 Mar 05

Not any of those.
Don't use messenger, IE is defintely online, in fact its quite fast(for dial up) when surfing elsewhere on the web. Might try a fresh copy of IE on it and see if that makes any difference.
Its odd that the other computer isn't affected.

  octal 07:00 29 Mar 05


What are the symptoms? e.g Blank page, page can't be found, error code from the Hotmail page, or something else? If you can give a clue someone might be able to help, thanks.


  fermerboy 22:05 29 Mar 05

You get to the login page, fill in the address and password then the page just starts to load, the title bar comes on and it sticks blank, the status bar at the bottom thinks its loading and nothing more happens. There is no activity on the connection icon in the sys tray either, like there nothing comming from that end. Maybe its the other end, bloody hate hotmail anyway, its for the other half. As long as it works on the other pc its not the end of the world.

  octal 07:08 30 Mar 05

Try starting MSN Messenger first then access Hotmail or if you don't use Messenger, try uninstalling it. Its a bug, particually with version 6.2, there are a lot of other reports about it.

  octal 07:11 30 Mar 05

By the way Wuggy's second link of Tue, 29.03.05 | 00:23 is one of many.

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