Hotmail - all emails deleted

  romford 09:45 06 Aug 05

I have a Hotmail account. One day I accessed it and all my emails had been deleted. Inbox, drafts, the lot. Any ideas about how this may have happened. My computer is used by family but no-one knows my password. Any help appreciated to save death by paranoia.

  Number 7 13:05 06 Aug 05

If you don't use the account for 30 days all the messeges in all of the folders are deleted- have a look at Hotmail Help.

If you use the account regularly, then it might be advisable to change your account password.

  Chegs ® 14:10 06 Aug 05

"If you don't use the account for 30 days all the messeges in all of the folders are deleted-"

Usually you can go past 30 days(by a small margin,upto 7 days)without losing anything.I was without phone for over 6mths(thankyou BT)I was alerted to the loss of my Hotmail account,yet when I next was able to visit,my account was still functioning(albeit without any of my previous emails/drafts/contacts,etc)Then when BT switched off my phone again recently,it was 6 weeks before I could reaccess my account,and it was still there,complete with my emails/contacts,etc.

  soy 14:15 06 Aug 05

Have you ever using an external email client to access your hotmail? If you did, then when emails are downloaded, they are deleted from the server.

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