Hotmail account hacked!!!!

  Tonycablejr 13:32 28 Feb 05

my hotmail account has been hacked, and my password and secret question and answers have been changed.

i have wrote to microsoft but all they do is redivert me to a page where i need to know the above information, but i don't otherwise they wouldn't be a problem!!!!!!

without sounding like a broken record, i need this account as its my main account with lots of important mail and contacts in there.

is there anything i can do to get my password back? i've been told the microsoft support can't do it, but they must be able to send me my current password so i can change it myself (i have supplied lots of profile information, so they know its me)

please help this is killing me

Tony Cable

  Yoda Knight 13:45 28 Feb 05

If microsoft wont do it 4 u, I think ur pretty much up s@~t creek.
Maybe a hacker could get it back 4 you.

I would suspect that it's someone you know messing with you though....


  Jaymz87 13:52 28 Feb 05

if you give me your email address, I could try and get it back for you, I will just get your password, tell you, then you can change it.

I will only do it with your permission.

  Tonycablejr 13:54 28 Feb 05

i think i know who it is thats done it, trouble is they are not speaking to me and have done this as revenge for something but i don't know what. (in other words blaming me for something i have not done and think its real grown up to change my passwords!!!!) how they got into my account i don't know.

i keep filling out the same form that microsoft provide (click here) and fill out what they want to but keep getting back an automated response. will a human from microsoft get back to me at any point?

the way the help file is wrote it kinda gives the impression that if i supply the right details (which i gave) my password will get reset.

or do i need to do something else???? i'm painicing a bit cos i've gotta get this back.

i logged in ok on saturday afternoon, so it either happened in the evening or sunday.

someone out there must know what to do.

  Tonycablejr 13:55 28 Feb 05
  toni b 14:00 28 Feb 05

you have the option after a failed attempt to reset your password I know it may be silly question but have you tried this.

  Tonycablejr 14:03 28 Feb 05

yeah but it needs the anwser to the secret question but they changed that so i don't know what the answer is.

i haven't got an alternative email address set up either (something i will be doing if i get my account back!!!!) so i can't change it that way.

but thanks anyway.

to be honest i've been trying for 3 hours to try and work my password out and writing to microsoft so i think i've tried everything!!!!

  Yoda Knight 14:18 28 Feb 05

Key logging software is freely available on the net - I'd run a few malware scanners just to be sure it doesnt happen again

  Tonycablejr 14:21 28 Feb 05

i don't think its that. because i think i know who it is, and as they know me and have either taken an educated guess at what my password is, or looked at my secret question and guessed the answer.

did you get your account back, and what did you do to do it?

  Tonycablejr 14:43 28 Feb 05
  Old Shep 15:20 28 Feb 05

Have you tried this they will send your password to an alternative e.mail address click here

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