only me 18:43 06 Feb 04

Hi can anyone tell me how to get rid of this program a friend sent me a new smiley and i downloaded a program called hotbar which failed to install properly so i canceled it but now i have a extra bar on top bars saying finalizing installation i have been to add/remove but cant it there i have win XP Home

  only me 18:45 06 Feb 04

Add/Remove cant see it there

  pinka 18:48 06 Feb 04

use adaware 6 or spybot search & destroy

  only me 18:57 06 Feb 04

sorry, will they help me?

  VoG II 19:00 06 Feb 04

Try downloading it again and installing.

Then remove it!

  pinka 19:56 06 Feb 04

and every time i wanted rid, cant remember which one did it , thats why i suggest trying both

  only me 10:00 07 Feb 04

thanks! you loverly people i ran spyware nuker, full scan, found about 15 or more hotbar spyware, canceled them. Result! no more extra bar.

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