hot CD's

  mec13 18:50 26 Feb 04

Why do CD's after installing games onto my computer feel so hot when removed. The games install and play ok, it seems to happen when 2 or more CD's are required to fully install these games. My machine is Quite modern (xp home, athlon 2.600+, radeon 9200 etc, etc)
Is this normal, or is it a sign of pending doom!

  woodchip 18:55 26 Feb 04

It's the Laser light. If you think that's a problem you need to feel my CD's after I take them out of my Van Slot CD right above the heater

  Gongoozler 19:01 26 Feb 04

I would expect some heating from the laser that reads the data. The cd drive may also be getting heated if there is a hard drive near it. If you're worried about the heat you can get a hard drive cooling fan click here or click here

  mec13 20:38 26 Feb 04

I presume what your saying is that its normal for my cd's to heat up! as for the hard drive bit, all I know is there are two fans inside this box of mine somewhere,(noisy)and the location of the hard drive, I havn't a clue!

The machine isn't a year old, and my son insist on the latest games(he's spoilt!)and going on what price these games are when bought, I do fret when these disc's are removed from the machine quite hot. I just hope they will work again when required!

  Eargasm 21:39 26 Feb 04

You could always make a spare copy of your games using the excellent cd clone software,it's never failed to copy any of my software.

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