hosting delta force:black hawk down team sabre

  Chezdez 20:24 22 Feb 05

hey guys

having a bit of trouble hosting the above mentioned game (DF:BHD)

i can host games, and they appear on the game list, but whenever anybody tries to join a game, it just refuses to let them in, but my game still runs OK

i'm running XP SP2, on Pipex 2MB ADSL, connected via a belkin router/modem/4 port switch with one other computer attached

i use zonealarm firewall fully updated, and DF:BHD is cleared for internet access

i use anaconda for hosting, and all the necessary options are set, including over ride game port (which i assume is a standard port, or can someone tell me which port needs over riding)

any ideas?

thanks in advance


  2neat 20:30 22 Feb 05

The port will be closed. You will have to open it in ZA. I had similar probs hosting Halo!

  2neat 20:31 22 Feb 05

could also be the hardware firewall!

  SketcH 20:45 22 Feb 05

I just recently purchased J-Ops and its expansion pack. A cracking good online title that far exceeds CS in terms of scale and scope for teamplay. Although admittedly its not as 'pretty'.

Loving the whole 'dirtbikes in an FPS'.

Infact, I think I'm going to go play it now...



  Chezdez 20:55 22 Feb 05

what has that got to do with my problem?!?!? lol

and 2neat, i'm sure about the hardware firewall, it never mentioned in the manual that i remember, but aren't they by default turned of anyway to allow ease of set up? therefore, unless i maually turned it on (which i haven't), it should still be off?

  Chezdez 20:57 22 Feb 05

17479, is that the correct port to override?

that's what is the default in anaconda if you tick the box next to override game port

  Chezdez 21:00 22 Feb 05


i may have solved it myself, but i can't be sure, so any other suggsetions would be great, cheers

after checking ZA, it turns out that the games server rights have been returned to the blue question mark (i'm very very certain that i allowed it), but i can't check it just yet

  SketcH 23:14 22 Feb 05

...I realise that my post wasn't a problem solver...

I was just letting you know that BHD's successor is amazing. Haha.



  harps1h 23:55 22 Feb 05

noob. sorry fe it has to be said

  SketcH 02:43 23 Feb 05

I've been using these forums for years.

But thanks. I'm flattered.

  Chezdez 20:27 23 Feb 05

hey again guys,

just an update, i've tried hosting with both zonealarm and my routers firewall switched off, any other ideas what could cause this?

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