Host for Netobjects Fusion

  bald eagle1 20:53 03 Mar 08

I have built a site using Netobjects Fusion Essentials from the cover disc (see my other posting). I have given up trying to publish it to my freespace virgin account, the files are there but doesn't work so I guess the file structure or something is wrong.
I am looking for a cheap host for hosting the site that will actually work, the site is only a mess around hence not really wanting to spend.
Any suggestions for hosts greatfully appreciated.

  MAJ 21:53 03 Mar 08

Try XHost, bald eagle1. I have some free space with them for testing and such. click here I uploaded the test page I mentioned in your last post (page 2 of the thread), except, this time I named it index.htm so that it would show up straight away.

  MAJ 21:54 03 Mar 08

ooops, for got the link to the test page. click here

  Forum Editor 22:32 03 Mar 08

isn't going to solve the problem. If the site doesn't work it's probably because you didn't specify the correct destination folder on your server space.

  mco 23:37 03 Mar 08

I just went to look at Virgin Freespace myself after your other thread and there seems to be no reason why you shouldn't be able to use NOF there - so the problem is the site set up and not Virgin - stick with virgin

  bald eagle1 11:36 04 Mar 08

Ok I won't give up yet.
My freespace is:
click here
Viewing in filezilla the directory structure is:
docs/ html is also a dubdirectory of index.htm
The jpg's are in images and autogen, the htm's are in html.
All seems good so what am I doing wrong as it works a treat locally?

  bald eagle1 12:04 04 Mar 08

Uploaded again and now it is:
index.htm is a file in paul1st.andrews along with background.jpg

  bald eagle1 12:10 04 Mar 08

Found it here-

Why the structure twice?

  bald eagle1 12:11 04 Mar 08

Found it here-

click here

  MAJ 12:29 04 Mar 08

This is the correct link, bald eagle1. click here

  bald eagle1 12:31 04 Mar 08

Thanks everyone finally got there, couldn't have done it without you.
From a newbie to anyone planning to use NOF, it's a good program but DON'T put anything in the directory line if publishing to Virgin.

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