Horrible Thing on my Pc

  Help Needed Urgently 01:24 12 Aug 03

Dear all

For some unknown reason now whenever i go online after a while svchost.exe keeps on closing and shutting down itself and it doesn't stop there it changes files every now and then.

Also my virus detector revealed a sub 7 trojan on my computer but cannot get rid of it because it is in System Volume Information* folder in the c:\ whis keeps on denieing my access.

*to see this folder go to Tools, Folder Options, ViewGo down and search for hide protected operating system files (recommended) and uncheck the box.

  Terrahawk 01:48 12 Aug 03

click here scroll down for removal instructions

  Jester2K II 07:34 12 Aug 03

Turn System Restore Off, Reboot, then switch System Restore back on to flush the virus from the SR directoy. It can't do any harm there..

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