Horizontal banding

  Ping Pong 22:46 06 Jun 04

I am getting horizontal banding on a Canon S800 printer. I have run the nozzle clean and deep cleaning utilities to no effect. I have even cleaned the printheads and the result is no better. Can anyone enlighten me as to how I get rid of the banding apart from buying a new printer.

  keverne 22:56 06 Jun 04

If the S800 has similar tools to my S820 then two things come to mind here. Have you tried Nozzle Check and/or Print Head Alignment?

  Ping Pong 17:41 07 Jun 04

In response to your posting daconnor I have done the a-z from the instruction manual to no avail. I have even soaked the printheads in denatured alcohol to try and clean the jets without success.

  Diemmess 17:49 07 Jun 04

A last resort before worrying about possible print head failure, or dud cartridges.


Sometimes when all else fails, you can say "bother" or "oh dear" or whatever, but just leave it alone............ overnight for preference and then with any luck it will behave perfectly tomorrow.

That has worked for me in the past, particularly after a panicky spell of trying everything in the book including removal and replacement of the ink.

I think this can sometimes introduce a tiny air-lock in the ink path, which by leaving overnight will clear itself.

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