Homeplug connections

  scillyguy 21:19 25 Sep 06

Ive two pc's , one upstairs, one downstairs, each hard-wired to a homeplug and ethernet. I can connect/share files etc between the two.
The upstairs one is connected wirelessly to the internet using a speedtouch wireless 585 router and works ok. However, I am having difficulty connecting to the internet from the downstairs pc via the ethernet network.
(Before anyone asks.. Ive tried doing the whole lot wirelessly, but the house is big and it wont work, hence the homeplug use). Can anyone suggest anything to make the homeplug system work?

  STREETWORK 21:54 25 Sep 06
  scillyguy 22:25 25 Sep 06

Read the links thanks. I'm unsure whether I need a homeplug adapter for each device, ie, one each for the pc's and one for the modem/router... can anyone expand on this?

  TrueEnigma 16:41 02 Oct 06

Hi scillyguy...long time since you posted your query and you may have resolved your issue by now. Just in case you haven't you do need an adapter for each device...if you are connecting via a router then the router needs to be plugged into the homeplug and your pc into the router. My config is 2 homeplugs, 3 pcs, 1 wired/wireless router modem. 1 pc and the router modem are plugged into their own homeplugs and the other 2 pcs which are in the same room are plugged into the router/modem. It all works wonderfully well and would heartly recommend homeplugs to anyone...much better than wireless.

  scillyguy 21:13 05 Oct 06

Thanks alot for your reply TrueEnigma.
I have already sorted the config with the homeplugs and it works a treat. Much more stable and secure than the wireless setup I had. My only concern is that the Homelugs aren't surge protected as I've experienced device blowouts with electrical spikes in the past. Cheers.

  ade.h 21:55 05 Oct 06

I can envisage no technical obstacles with placing a surge protector brick or four-bar between the wall socket and the Homeplug. The protection would indeed be very welcome.

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