Homeplug adapter connection problem

  GBL 27 Sep 11

My daughter has two PC's both using Win XP, one downstairs and the other upstairs. I have set up a router downstairs and have been attempting to use homeplug adapters to connect the upstairs PC to the internet, all lights light up on the adapter but there is no internet connection on the computer. Is there anything else I should be doing?? All worked fine at my house on a similar set up, I did nothing but plug and play, not this time round.

  Nontek 27 Sep 11

Important - does the Mains Ring-Main cover both downstairs and upstairs into one single Mains Meter?

If not, then that is why it will not pick up the Internet.

  GBL 27 Sep 11

Not sure on that but mine wasn't and it worked fine.

  GBL 27 Sep 11

Misunderstood you on that, yes all wiring goes to the same consumer unit.

  Nontek 27 Sep 11

I should have said that the rings or circuits (such as upstairs and downstairs) mains must be on the same fuse box / consumer box.

  Nontek 27 Sep 11

Some homeplugs apparently have a button to press after connecting to mains, though my own do not have any buttons, simply plug & play.

  Nontek 27 Sep 11

What stops HomePlug from working, will they work with extension Lead? Avoid surge protected / Filtered mains extension blocks as these block the HomePlug signal. Long extension leads will degrade the signal so it is best practice to plug the HomePlug directly into a wall socket.

  octal 27 Sep 11

Damned things should be banned, it's blunderbuss technology that has no regard to any other users of the RF spectrum. This is one of many articles regarding the muck they chuck out.

  GBL 27 Sep 11

Sounds like you have a problem octal.

The adapter upstairs is directly into the mains wall socket and shows all lights to say that there is internet it is the computer that fails to connect with the net.

  Nontek 27 Sep 11

Hmm, could possibly be a faulty ethernet cable from homeplug to PC.

  sharpamat 28 Sep 11

I would suggest you cheak the network settings on both computers,the fact that the lights are on the homeplugs may well show they are working.( presume they are a matched pair and have been setup correctley ) if both computers have not been set up for networking together that may be the problem


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