Homepage locked

  butch 09:10 23 Jul 06


I am desperate, a while ago after a spate of hijacked homepages I found something, can't remember what, to lock my homepage. I have now moved to talk talk and cannot alter the default home page. My two childrens account can be changed at will. Does anyone know which files are associated with my login or any way I can change the registry direct. All microsofts advice makes no difference which leads me to believe there must be a file or something that is being run to secure the wanadoo homepage.


  VoG II 09:19 23 Jul 06

This click here ?

  Graham ® 09:40 23 Jul 06

Do you have Norton running?

  butch 09:52 23 Jul 06

Thanks guys, I found that Zone Alarm Free is the culprit. To change the homepage you have to close Zone Alarm down the change it and restart Zone alarm when all is well. It is a bit of a pain but does protect the new homepage as well.


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