Homepage hijacked

  Bike-it 21:13 PM 13 Oct 11

I use Google Chrome and yesterday my home page has been hijacked with www.searchqu.com/406. i ran malawarebytes, ccleaner and Microsoft security essentials but they found nothing. Anyone offer any help on how i can get rid or this please.

  spuds 22:27 PM 13 Oct 11

If you put "removing seachqu" in the Google search box, then the opening page will show a number of various links including a video on how to remove this problem, apparently covering and depending on the browser you use.

  Bike-it 00:27 AM 14 Oct 11

I cannot find a video to show you how to remove this from Google Chrome

  robin_x 01:04 AM 14 Oct 11

Look for it in Control Panel (Add/Remove or Uninstall)

Or try IOBit Uninstaller (Toolbar) or Revo Uninstaller. (Google for them)

It's just an annoying toolbar you accidentally installed with another download.

Reset your Chrome Homepage manually. (Spanner/Options/Basic/Open the following pages)

  robin_x 01:08 AM 14 Oct 11
  spuds 01:09 AM 14 Oct 11

Does it have to be a video?.

You might find it here http;//www.youtube.com/watch?v=UO70vu_1p6g&feature=related

  spuds 01:13 AM 14 Oct 11

The link doesn't seem to be working. Try putting 'removing searchqu from chrome' in the Google search box, then select the title above or something leading to YouTube.


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