Homegroup Issues

  JayDay 10 May 11

I've been struggling with my Homegroup ever since I upgraded to Windows 7.

I have a desktop machine running Windows 7 attached to my Netgear DG834PN router via cable.

I have two laptops both running Windows 7 attached to the network via a wireless connection.

If I create a homegroup on any of the three computers I can not seem to join the group from any of the others. However If I connect the laptops to the router via a cable then I can, but as soon as the cable is removed I can not reconnect to the homegroup.

I looked at the properties on the wireless adapter on one of the laptops and notice IPv6 states 'no network connection' I know homegroup needs IPv6 so think this maybe the problem. However I can't find a solution to the IPv6 no network connection problem.

Any suggestions?

  Wuggy 13 May 11

Have a look at this web page to see if it's of any assistance. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itpronetworking/thread/26345d12-169a-41ee-8a25-7d023e3bccaf

  Wuggy 13 May 11

Now that I've discovered how to make link on the new forum I'll try again. Have a look at this web page to see if it's of assistance. Click here

  JayDay 14 May 11

Thanks, but that didn't work. Just checked both laptops. One of them says IPv6 states 'no network connection' the other doesn't but both can't connect to the homegroup via wireless connection, but can through a wired connection.

I wonder could it be a router setting?

  JayDay 05 Jun 11

Well, without doing anything all of a sudden all the computers and laptops can now see each other on the Homegroup. Although I can't be certain it seemed to happen around the time of a windows update.

  JayDay 24 Jun 11

I think I have found the cause of the problem. After a power cut the computers couldn't see each other again on the home group. I wondered if it was to do with the router going off and back on again so I decided to turn off the laptops and reboot the router. Hey presto all is now working again.

I am not a techie but can only assume it was something to do with IP addresses assigned to the computers attached to the routers.


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