Home wireless location settings?

  So Afraid 14 Jan 12

Using win7 64 bit 1 pc upstairs and laptop down stairs,no need for file or printer sharing so its disabled. Is it right that the public location setting is the safest setting with the sharing option disabled,and that wpa etc is not used, i have seen the wording below which seems to suggest it.


If you know you won’t need to share files or printers, the safest choice is public network.

  difarn 14 Jan 12

This is recommended as it definitely removes the option to share files or printers thereby protecting you should you use your PC in a public place and forget to do this. If you want to give yourself the option of sharing files and printers you can choose private and then just disable file and printer sharing manually.

By not using WPA etc - do you mean because you have selected WEP? The level of security is yours - WPA/WPA2 recommended which gives you extra passworded protection.

  So Afraid 15 Jan 12

Thanks for the reply.

The laptop is for home use in the main so the option you mention is the one i will go with,the file and printer sharing off,also should i leave the network discovery setting on?.

About not using wep,wpa etc on public networks,it was just comments i saw that they do not use the same encryption so you have to rely more on firewalls and antivirus and wpa etc is not used.

  difarn 15 Jan 12

You only need this on if you have set up a network with other PC's and devices so that you can share them.

Have a look at this article which may help.

  So Afraid 15 Jan 12

Thanks again.

It says this below again in the article.


If there’s only one computer on your network and you know you won’t need to share files or printers, the safest choice is “Public place.”

I take it they mean 1 pc or laptop,if so i have laptop and pc so i will stick to Home network settings with file & printer settings turned off,and hope thats ok.

  difarn 15 Jan 12

Yes- this is how mine is set up.

As mentioned before the only reason you are directed to use "Public" is for added security on a wireless network.

I do however have a router with the capability of attaching a printer for use by everyone on the network without having to set up printer sharing and this works very well.

  So Afraid 15 Jan 12

Ok up and running now and signal at 84% downstairs with router upstairs so if it stays high thats ok by me.

Thanks again.

  difarn 15 Jan 12

Glad to help. Sounds excellent - well done.


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