Home Video on to CD

  Spr 16:51 31 May 06

I have transferred a VHS tape of home video onto CD now I would like to take a picture from the CD and put it on the cover, but there are no Jpg & Bmp do not show up on it how would I go about it.

  eedcam 18:52 31 May 06

Crude but might do it can you
pause at a section you want and do a print screen or capture

  GroupFC 19:21 31 May 06

It is possible but depends on number of things - what player are you playing the videoCD with on your computer? - some players have a capture option.

What is the file format on the CD and are using XP? If so MovieMaker has a capture option (but that is usually only avialable when working on a movie project), so it might be possible to load the film into MovieMaker and do it that way.

A bit more info. would probably help!

  Spr 20:44 31 May 06

Im using Windows XP, format on the CD is Video_RM & Video_TS

  GroupFC 21:09 31 May 06

OK - the MovieMaker idea won't work.

What player are using to play the video on the computer, as some players (for example PowerDVD, IIRC, have a capture option. Otherwise, I think eedcam's suggestion may be the way to go.

  Spr 21:27 31 May 06

It is running on Windows Media Player that came with XP

  NewestRoyWidd 21:33 31 May 06

Try irfanview click here
It takes screen captures,I use it frequently,hope this is of help to you.

  GroupFC 21:39 31 May 06

I don't think Media Player has a capture option, so I'm afraid I'm right out of ideas, but you could try the suggestions made in this thread click here

  kevin1967 22:44 31 May 06

There is a capture option on Windows Media Player. I think it's CTRL I but not 100% sure.

  VideoSentry 07:34 01 Jun 06

I mainly use ctrl + PrtScn and then crop the rest of the image out using PSPS , but I found this that may be of use.
click here
Let us know which works best.

  GroupFC 08:39 01 Jun 06

kevin1967 is quite right (although I haven't tried it yet) and here is an article that tells you all about it click here

You just need to know the right question to ask Google!


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