home theatre connections

  pymm 15:58 10 Sep 07

my son has bought a mikomi home theatre speaker package from argos, it requires 3 audio outputs ,his dvd oly has 1 audio output is there a simple and cheap solution to this problem

  holme 16:20 10 Sep 07

By "his dvd", do you mean a DVD player? If so, I'm afraid the output level is far too low to drive speaker(s) without extra amplification and control (e.g. volume).

The audio output will also be stereo only and cannot begin to do justice to a surround sound home theatre speaker package.

The simple (but certainly not cheap) solution is to purchase a home theatre system, not just the speakers.

Many TVs have a pair of stereo audio out sockets which you could link to a pair of the home theatre speakers, but they would simply add to the existing TV speakers (i.e. it wouldn't be surround sound) although they may sound rather better.

Can I apologise in advance if I've simply mis-read your query. If I have, and if you can give more details about the DVD (make and model), we may be able to assist.

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